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قاموس الانجليزيه
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القاموس الايطاليه
القاموس الصينية (ق)
القاموس البولنديه
القاموس البرتغاليه
قاموس الهولنديه
القاموس النرويجيه
القاموس اليونانيه
القاموس الروسيه
القاموس التركي
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Buen Diccionario de Hebreo Online: Morfix

A rather good Hebrew Dictionary Online

Hebrew and English
Con teclado virtual, audio, etc.    


Traductores de Hebreo y Arabe (Google & Bing)

muchas páginas con traductor o diccionario online simplemente redireccionan o usan Google Translate, Bing, Babylon o Morfix


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Dictionaries http://www.alphadictionary.com/directory/Languages/Afro,045Asiatic/Hebrew/

מילון עברי-עברי
Biblical Hebrew Dictionary
Deutsch - Hebräisch online Wörterbuch
Hebrew Children's Illustrated Dictionary
Hebrew Glossary
Hebrew-English Online Dictionary
îéìåï òáøé-àðâìé
îéìåï òáøé-ñôøãé
îéìåï òáøé-öøôúé
îéìåï òáøé-øåñé
Jewish Virtual Library Glossary
Microsoft's Hebrew Glossary (ZIP Download)
My Hebrew Dictionary
Semantic Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew
Strong's Hebrew Dictionary

Specialty Dictionaries

Jastrow's Talmudic Dictionary
קיצורים וראשי תיבות בעברית
Ma;agarim Hebrew Historical Dictionary


Hebrew Language Resources
The Online Hebrew Tutorial

Language Resources

Hebrew Language Profile
Israeli Newspapers
Israeli Radio Stations

Hebrew Online Dictionary

English <-> Hebrew Online Dictionary
a Bilingual Dictionary from ECTACO
Jewish Dictionary
Jewish Dictionary is a free online Hebrew Dictionary which contains over 100,000 words translated from English to Hebrew. There is an easy search box where you can search for the translation of any English word or phrase.
The Hebrew Language
The Hebrew Language is a large compilation of free online resources to learn Hebrew.
My Hebrew Dictionary
English-Hebrew dictionary online for groups of words.
My Hebrew Picture Dictionary
Learn Hebrew (or English) words in a fun way.
English to Hebrew Dictionary and Hebrew to English Dictionary.
Hebrew/English Dictionary
Ancient Hebrew Research Center.
Akhlah: Children's Hebrew Dictionary
Akhlah: Children's Hebrew Dictionary. Hebrew words in block and script style, their English Translation, Transliteratio


Lexicons for Biblical Studies:

The Bible was written in Hebrew (Old Testament), Greek (New Testament) and a little in Aramaic (eg parts of Daniel). Other languages are important for understanding obscure vocabulary (eg Akkadian helps with Hebrew), for understanding early translations of the Bible (eg Latin & Syriac) or for understanding literature in background cultures (eg Coptic).  2LetterLookup is much easier to use than most lexicons. You don't have to know the exact form of the word you are looking for - you only need to know the first two letters, without any pointing or accents. Hebrew lexicons are particularly difficult to use because 'weak' letters from the root are often missing, so you have to look up a multitude of possibilities - but the 2LetterLookup checks them for you and presents the possible results. For Bible words, it is easy to identify the Hebrew and Greek words using tools such as the Blue Letter Bible (click on C for concordance and Hebrew/Greek) or Study Light (requires fonts). 2LetterLookup links you to real lexicons (listed below). Small lexicons like Strong's are useful to identify the word, but real lexicons take you much further. You can find out what the word usually means, what it means in different contexts, and the range of meanings. Looking up the English provides a list of other similar words which the author decided not to use. And sometimes (very rarely) a lexicon may provide the clue to a different reading, especially in the Old Testament where the vowel pointing was added later so it isn't always reliable. 

Lexicons and tools accessible through the 2-LetterLookup:
Full & Middle Liddell & Scott: Greek-English Lexicon (hosted at Perseus)
Gesenius: Hebrew & Chaldee (ie Aramaic) Lexicon (hosted at TyndaleArchive)
Jastrow: Dictionary of Targumim, Talmud &  Midrashic Literature  (hosted at TyndaleArchive)
Bible Concordance of Hebrew vocabulary with English (at CrossWire)
Bible Concordance of Greek vocabulary with English (at Re: Greek)
W.E. Crum Coptic Dictionary (hosted at TyndaleArchive
Payne-Smith: Compendious Syriac Dictionary (hosted at TyndaleArchive)
Wilson: Englishman's Hebrew Dictionary (hosted at TyndaleArchive)
Thayer: Greek Lexicon with verse vocabulary lists (at BlueLetterBible
Sahidic Coptic Dictionary (at CopticChurch)
Akkadian Dictionary (at The Hittite Grammar Homepage)

Free Online English-Hebrew Dictionaries: http://www.ehebrew.org/articles/hebrew-dictionary.php#.Vjd6kNd_69U    

1) http://www.milon.co.il/
Milon is a free English-Hebrew/Hebrew-English dictionary download which allows you to translate any word at the click of a mouse and offers full Web page translation. Simply enter the English word to be translated and instantly receive its Hebrew equivalent.

2) http://translation.babylon.com/english/to-hebrew/
Babylon offers free translation and dictionary software for your desktop, featuring several types of English-to-Hebrew dictionaries, including an English-Hebrew law and business dictionary, English-Hebrew geology terms, English-Hebrew medical dictionary, and many more.

3) http://www.ehebrew.org/
A new online Hebrew dictionary, where you can learn Hebrew for free and increase your vocabulary. Words are organized into distinct topics, teaching students the most common and useful words in each subject. The site also offers a quality monthly newsletter including useful phrase-sheets for free. With over 10,000 terms and growing, www.ehebrew.org looks to be the premier thematically organized Hebrew dictionary on the internet.

4 ) http://www.my-hebrew-dictionary.com/
Learn Hebrew with Pictures and Audio is an A-Z classification of dozens of English-Hebrew terms, each with an enlargeable thumbnail image and audio transliteration. Sample words include air conditioner, apples, applesauce, backgammon, balloon, banana, and hundreds more.

5) http://www.hebrew-verbs.co.il/
Learn basic Hebrew Verbs, their roots ("shoresh"), and their conjugations with this simple and structured tool, suitable for both beginner and advanced Hebrew-language learners.

6) http://morfix.mako.co.il/
To use the Morfix Dictionary, simply type in a word, phrase, expression, or short sentence in English or Hebrew and receive an instant translation.

7) http://translate.google.co.il/
Google Translator is a hi-tech instantaneous English-Hebrew/Hebrew-English tool allowing you to cut/paste an entire document, Web site, or single word to be translated. It's especially useful for translating articles that you're struggling to understand, but if you want to translate something you wrote yourself, be careful, use it for single words only and not for sentences, as it's not very accurate!

8) http://www.science.co.il/Biomedical-Dictionary.asp
English-Hebrew Dictionary of Biology, Biochemistry and Biomedical terms; sponsored by the Israel Science and Technology national database.

9) http://www.dicts.info/dictionary.php?l1=English&l2=Hebrew
A dictionary system interconnecting more than 60 world languages; type a word in the upper text field, press 'Search,', and find its matching dictionary entry.

10) http://www.lingvozone.com/LingvoSoft-Online-English-Hebrew-Dictionary Bottom of Form

LingvoSoft Online English Hebrew features a user-friendly interface, state-of-the-art text-to-speech capabilities allowing you to hear correct word pronunciation, instant reverse translation, memory of your preferred dictionary and translation history, and more.

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