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Jews and Arabs in the International Brigades: The Naftali Botwin Company

Jews and Arabs in the International Brigades

The Naftali Botwin Company

Gracias a todos los que vinisteis a ayudarnos, nunca os olvidaremos 

By Mitch Abidor  see the web page, here follows a summary: 

The Brigades drew largely from the parties of the Comintern, and it’s estimated that of the 35,000 members of the Brigades, between 6,500 and 8,000 were Jews. The largest contingent was in America’s Abraham Lincoln Brigade, but a large number of the Poles were also Jews; in fact they played a key role in many of the units of the International Brigades: even seventeen of Bulgaria’s 400 fighters were Jews. Palestine sent a mixed Jewish-Arab contingent of almost 200 fighters, which included Left-Zionists in its ranks, alongside members of the Palestine Communist Party. The largest proportion was in the Brigades’ medical corps, which was 70% Jewish






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