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Asterix in Hebrew

Asterix in Hebrew

VitalstatistixDa–GoullixדגוליקסIn Hebrew, "Dagoul" means "great", "magnificent", "majestic". Which, in short, is Vitalstatistix! What's more, "Dagoul" sounds like a certain "De Gaulle", seen by our foreign friends as the archetypical chief of the contemporary Gaulish tribes.
CacofonixDoraymixדורחמיקסCacofonix is "Doraymix" in Hebrew. The bard amongst our indomitable Gauls is in fact famous for his very personal "mix" of musical notes…
ImpedimentaVitaminויטמין Impedimenta is never short of energy when complaining about the shortcomings of her "Piggywiggy" husband. Perhaps this is what inspires her name in Hebrew: "Vitamin"!
DogmatixMavrixמבריקסDogmatix in Hebrew is called "Mavrix"! Nothing to do with the American television series Maverick or the cinema character of the same name played by Mel Gibson. "Mavrix" actually derives from the Hebrew word "Marvrik" meaning "brilliant" or "genius".
GetafixAshafixאשפיקס"Ashafix" comes from "Ashaf" meaning "magician", someone who can perform miracles…
UnhygienixIxdrixאיכסדריקס"Ixdrix" in Hebrew recalls the expression of disgust "Ichsss". Might there be a link here with the disputed freshness of Unhygienix? Here's a clue: Fulliautomatix apparently took part in the brainstorming which led to this choice of name…
CaesarKeissarקיסר"Keissar" is the Hebrew translation for Caesar and "emperor".


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